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Hi friends, I am so happy to discover another beautiful community. I have beeen pn Facebook for 5 years but it seems friends would miss me over there as I now would make a cool stay on Hive.

My name is Covenant, a beautiful, dark skinned, average-heighted female Nigerian. I am the first born in my family and I have only one brother who is my junior. I think I'm very social person. Time will tell if you can mine that value out of me here.

I'm a newbie studying English Education in a university in my State. I aspire to be a good teacher and counselor. I'm a trainee in GraceField Creative Hub, Uyo where am acquiring creative writing, blogging and ICT skills. I'm grateful to my boss @Uyobong who teaches us to take financial responsibility and attain financial literacy.


I hate lies, I love being healthy always and love being in a clean environment just as I was taught by my mother. I love writing and I get inspired to write by things in the society or things around me. My hobbies are; cooking, writing and watching movies and fashion design.

I love cooking, it's fun and makes me feel happy because other people will be happy and satisfied after eating the food🙊🤭. When writing, most times, I create or imagine things to write in my leisure time. Watching movies is also one of my hobbies because it teaches me many things and I learn from it too. Below is a shot of one of my local delicacies known as "Afia efere" (Pounded Yam soup as you would literally interpret in English)

white soup.jpg

I am a Christian, I believe in God Almighty. He's sovereign above all things. Most times, people think I like staying alone or like being lonely but they just don't know that I love having time for myself and think about my aspirations and even my future.

I associate easily with people but I don't joke with my quiet time because I feel that's the time I have to make plans about my future. I love seeing smiles on people's faces and I'm always happy when I make them smile. I have this passion for making people beautiful. I just feel Satisfied inside of me. I hope to make new friends here and learn more, also share my little knowledge and impact on many lives. I just hope to get along easily without stress🤭

Prior to joining Hive, I have written over 10 stories that is inspired by nature and movies I watch. I never knew those stories could be worth anything until I joined Gracefield Creative Hub. I have one target of publishing at least 100 stories in my first 6 months of being here.

I am graduating from story writing to technical and copywriting and I'll soon include these new skills acquired in my curriculum vitae.

I was born into a humble family but I promise to make them proud - my mom and sibling. It requires hardwork and dedication and I'm ready to give in. Growing up to see my mum work hard to sponsor us, I'm challenged to build several businesses that would help me create wealth for my future family.

Being made to be aware of the beautiful communities here which I can engage, I promise to do my best to add value to them. Coming would be my fashion pieces that would carry Hive, LeoFinance, Inkwell, logos. That will be my way of promoting this blockchain and I'll get my friends here soon.

I will become a serial entrepreneur and I hope I'll have a space in the Hive blockchain to grow the needed skills and capacity - Writer (Blogger), Chef, Fashion Business and finally cryptocurrency trading.

Let's pause there for now and enjoy the cruise together.

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