Eliminate your Fears that will keep you from Success

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You find out what you want to do and go chase it, because the years pass and you look back you wonder what you have really done, when you have not been living in line with your personal values, you have been living someone else's life, do not come back Doing this to yourself is crazy, only you yourself know how far it can go, not another person who gets carried away by what you say in a magazine, or on social networks, stop comparing yourself with another person in this world who does it. The only thing that we do compare ourselves with each other, be it for good or bad, that comparison always comes. You understand this that when you compare yourself with other people you lower yourself, you also get discouraged.


You understand at once that you have everything you need inside of you, all you need to do is develop yourself, allow all those things to come out, you will shoot towards your goals, or dreams, then you will look back and say I was Brave enough and courage to face my Fears. Because the worst thing that can happen in life is reaching a certain age and looking back to see that I was not able to do it out of fear, that I lost each one of my dreams out of fear, because I was afraid.

Don't be afraid of opinions

You should not pay attention to the opinions of others, what are your personal values? what are your dreams, what can have an impact on the world, if you can align your personal values, create a mission statement that can actually have a great impact on the world you will be drawn there, you do not need to motivate yourself with other people's tapes or copy what other people have said, each one is different and you think different, this must come from within you not from someone else, it is your only way the best person you will be if you are yourself, no one else is you It doesn't matter if you don't fit in with other people, you have your own essence.

If they love you and love you it is for yourself, that's why they are with you, forget about the cool children, forget about trying to fit in such a complex world, do not do what other people want you to do to be able to accept you, you only have to face your dreams Make no mistake, do not believe even those close to you because many people will not want you to shine, it will fill you with opinions, excuses, fears in which it will prevent you from moving away from your goals do not do this, stop wanting no matter what others say, Because those people the only thing that you don't want to be left alone in that hole, because they didn't have the courage to get ahead of facing their fears.

Write your three biggest fears

Because knowing which are the three main fears that will stop you in your dreams, because knowing that some of those fears you have will make you feel smaller. Identify them which is the first, second and third, the number one will be the most terrifying you have, then the two least terrifying, finally the one with the greatest fear, I do not mean that the last one will not be a terrifying fear for you but by classifying it you will be able to win. One by one, start with the first, then go to the second and then the third, when you are leaving these three, you start building your confidence, by default your confidence and self-esteem will begin to increase.

Growth is within you

If you do not trust yourself you will never get ahead, but you collapse that fear, but you push and push doing as a domino effect there will never be the growth and confidence you need, your dreams will remain there just waiting for the ball to face your fears has the courage, On the other side of that fear, be sure that you will find your dreams and goals, in which you will be able to say I got it, collapse my fears and now I can fight for my dreams and goals, maybe that step was not taken to find your first investment, if you were not taken that step to find your own business, with starting in life, then do not wait any longer, live a sustainable life, that every day is better, it grows you are the only one who can do it but nobody else.

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