Fear of entrepreneurship

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There are many potentials of entrepreneurs who never start their business ideas because it blocks their fear of entrepreneurship, I know that this is a path that is not easy, almost 100% requires an effort greater than what we would have to do as an employee working for another person.



Fear to fail

But if you want to start, isn't it worth a try? do not shut yourself up in fear of failure? or your bad thoughts that you are going to fail in the attempt, it is normal to be afraid of new changes, of a different responsibility, but if you think differently, you will taste the sweet taste of undertaking.

Let's look at the positive side of the times that we have failed where we have learned and acquired a minimum of future experiences and knowledge to improve in other opportunities, failure is not the end we can try again.

Fear of financial problems

The fear of undertaking the vast majority of the time is linked to the economic difficulties that this entails, in fact it is the fear of financial problems that blocks entrepreneurs, since it has a direct impact on the quality of their lives. .

Make a financial plan that realistically evaluates all costs and clears uncertainty. We must be clear about our economic situation. Undertake with a methodology that helps us validate our hypotheses of investing in the business.

Fear of change

Entrepreneurship implies change where the main thing is our routine, it will no longer be going to an office to wait for orders from a boss, but we will have to assume roles and responsibilities, this is one of the great fears because we leave our comfort zone.

We must get out of our comfort zone to achieve success, it is not good to be stuck doing the same thing, to be in the same place, the comfort zone limits us from knowing our goals, objectives, people, it is for them that it is advisable to go out and leave the fear of change, it is normal to have it, but we can overcome it.

Fear of lack of knowledge and experience

Many times we face this fear because we have neither experience nor knowledge, but this can also happen even when your first day of work, in life we ​​will always be learning something new every day, but we only have to be open-minded to get great benefits of what it is to undertake.

If today you start your way to win and these are your fears to undertake, keep in mind that we all go through them, the only thing that you do not do differently is that we only have to live it and take advantage of every moment and steps. Do not shut yourself up in comments or negative thoughts, always look for the positives in each situation and Undertake ...

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