Felines at Leofinance. Let's have a little fun

13 days ago
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Since I started in steemit I always read about a classification depending on your Power, that if a red fish, a dolphin, an orca, even a whale. At the beginning I did not understand this classification, little by little as I was reading articles I understood what each fish in the water meant.
Now that I am on the Leofinance platform I have not heard any kind of classification, but last night when I was lying down I started to think what the classification would be like on this platform, it would no longer be fish in the great sea. If not felines in a great fertile territory, that day by day its value increases in knowledge values ​​due to the great increase in users, the purchasing power of its currency. The felines one of their great characteristics is the way they hunt stealthily, they are also investors who silently study the market to be able to hunt the best time to invest.


This is the smallest of the feline scale, this would be the first step that those who are starting their values ​​would be from 0 to 999 Leo.



This is one of the best runners, he can run up to 36 miles. This would be the second your ranking is on the scale list, 1000 - 9999 Leo



This feline has great eyesight and speed. Your ranking would be on the scale list, 10000 - 99999 Leo



These are great lone hunters. Your list would be ranked in scale, 100000 - 999999 Leo



The lion is always among the herd in a sociable way. Its scale would be scaled to more than 100000 Leo


What Feline are you according to your power?

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