Leofinance Rewards helps single mother cover her expenses.

15 days ago
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In my country the economy changes prices every day, hitting people's pockets, these increase not only the prices of food, but also of medicines, making it inaccessible to people every day.
On the Leofinance platform I have only been on this great platform for 11 days, which not only have I had rewards, but I have had good advice, knowledge, something very special that is not obtained everywhere good people, it is like being with a second family that appreciates you what you want the most is the best for you.
In another post, I have told you that I am a single mother of a 2-year-old girl, which is my reason for being, my light and the little motor that makes me get up every day, to work on this great platform. On the night of November 17, my daughter started with an allergy night complaint and a little hot flash. In the morning I made a few changes to the first rewards I got from this Leo platform. I take her to the pediatrician, for the consultation valued at $ 20, they gave me some medications, a diet of chicken soup to help her with nasal fluids, apart from taking Eucalyptus aspirations.

Medications were 1,365,000+ 1,981,000 = 3,346,000BF. It would be 4.5 $

Photos taken with BLU Phone. (Complete authorship)

Photos taken with BLU Phone. (Complete authorship)

Vegetables and fruits. 1,837,000 $ 2.5

Photos taken with BLU Phone. (Complete authorship)

Chicken 2,100,000 3.2 $

Total of my expenses $. 10.20

Money that I wouldn't have if I didn't have Leofinance, All these expenses could be covered by the first earnings I obtained in Leo, in turn I have commented that since February I resigned from my fifteen-year job. She was receiving a salary less than $ 1, for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for a total of 40 hours a week. A salary that was not enough to buy anything for my daughter. Before leaving my job, I had already met Hive, where I did post, sometimes I was doing well and sometimes not. Being in this new world of blockchain has completely changed my life.
But when I arrived at Leofinance, I felt one more advance, even though I had my doubts and entered this platform. But today I can say that thanks to Leofinance I feel confident that my daughter will have her food, her medications, her things that she needs. Her birthday is approaching, I am gathering to make her a cake, plus the gift of the baby Jesus. I know all of those will come to you working here at Leofinance.
So do not hesitate any longer, enter this family that you will not only find knowledge and rewards, you will find a family that will help you with nothing in return, only that feeling is seen between family and friends.

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