My goal for proofofbrain At the end of the month of April

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Although we are already in the middle of this month, I have just started on this new platform where I will also make my Power goals. It is a good way to start any project to set your goals to grow and find success.


This is a good way to have a direction to keep us motivated to get ahead, each of my goals in stacking my power has two motivations as a secret ingredient:

  • A better future for my daughter.
  • Help others with my vote.

These two motivations have made me set goals in stacking power. Previously, I never gave importance to the power of stacking, for the reason that there were no reasons in my life, nor in incentive. But after I got to Leofinance my thoughts changed the power, I take importance in my life. I found a community that was not focusing on voting among whales, but the whales knew that their voting power could have a positive impact on the lives of people living in developed countries, I remember that my first post was full of comments when never before had Dyed.

Here in this new platform, I am feeling the same, it is a community where your content will be read and appreciated, how not to return those motivations by stacking power and being able to help other people. These are my goals on the platform

My first goal

  • Publish 1 post daily through the portal.

  • Comment 5 publications daily. Until you get there more than 10 a day.

  • Curated

My second goal

  • Stack 200 POBPOWER in this month of April ...

I am setting a minimum because we are halfway through this month. These are my goals to start this great platform that will be one of my favorite homes, it is a united community and seeks that we all grow at the same time.

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