Myths about why people do not invest

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In our life there have been many myths and beliefs that have to think that we are in 2021 even many of us have it, it is a culture that has passed from generation to generation. Some have come out of them, others have clung to them, because they were one of the teachings of their parents. There are people who believe that if a parent was living on savings and not on investments today they can continue to use it, or because they grew up with myths and belief that investing is the same as losing your money.

Sometimes in our lives we can have an amount of money, what we do is spend it slowly on small necessary expenses, until the moment comes that we are left with nothing. Just for the simple fact that we do not handle the information well on how to invest the money, sometimes it is for fear of losing the money, that we spend it on what is needed, or they want to keep their cash, when having it in our hands is a sure escape that will leave our hands without realizing it and without leaving anything.

But if we are a little different, let's be prudent, intelligent and disciplined, we definitely think about investing it and this is where the questions begin, which is financial education.

According to Moreira in his book, financial education defines it:

Financial education allows us to develop useful skills on a day-to-day basis: budget for household or company expenses, identify the most convenient credit card, protect our assets with different types of insurance, have a savings fund to face unforeseen events and prepare our retreat, among other situations. (2014)

That is to say, they are skills and knowledge that people seek to better visualize their opportunities, make good decisions that are effective in matters of personal finance including budgets, retirement plans, taxes, investments, real estate, We always have to have information adequate, before starting to invest our money, so as not to go through a bitter drink of falling into fraud, uncertainty, economic crisis or mistrust. Now let's see what are some of the myths that exist around some people


Investment equals losing my money

This myth I have heard many times, in different types of people that I have met. In many people there is mistrust in investments, so many in real estate, assets or cryptocurrencies, more than anyone can ensure that 100% of investments are returned again, every investment is an instrument that we can use to make our money grow, and that the benefits it gives us are multiple.

You must be an investment specialist to be able to invest
Many people believe that in order to invest we must be a specialist on finance, it is not like that, we just have to start making a critical evaluation, analysis, look for sources of knowledge in which we are going to invest, more viable that many people use when having a large amount of money It is to invest in several opportunities so as not to go through a risk of loss completely, but we should not do them in so many actions either.

"Big fortunes are not made with a portfolio of 50 stocks."

Higher risk, higher return

This other myths that we have heard, that by having a high risk we can obtain a great return on our investment. It is for them that we must seek adequate information where we can find investments with a good return and lower risk, it is all a matter of doing a detailed investigation of our options that exist.

"Do not invest more than you can not lose"

My money is better in a bank.

Due to the teaching of our parents and cultures, the practice of saving in a bank has been carried out, in order to earn small interest, but it is the opposite, having our money in a bank will not be safe, in some countries like Venezuela it is not the best option to have it in a bank, every time our currency is devalued, one of the great options that the Venezuelan has taken, is to buy currencies or cryptocurrencies.

Keeping money under the mattress

This myth reminds me of my mother, who was one of the ones I kept under a mattress, because it was safer to have it on hand than a bank or investing it, but leaving our money without movements this will make it lose its value as well as be in a bank without any movement.
These are some of the myths that I have heard so far, I know that there are many more, that people have to not invest, these are excuses or fears that people have for not handling adequate information. The most advisable thing is that we dedicate time to research on the subject, or where to invest. Today with the world of the internet it is a faster way and to find information on how to invest your money, in a more secure way and with low returns, such ascetes, banks and investment funds to what gives you higher returns in the market such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, recent investment platforms, investing in real estate, metals and many more.

Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world, an expert in investment topics, advises that you do not invest in what is complicated or you do not know. And that the best time to buy a business is when other people are selling it, and not when they are buying it.

What myths do you know?

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