Never tell anyone your plans

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There are people who love to tell their projects, plans, feelings and personal among other things, where you should be careful who you say, because sometimes we are so naive to share the most precious with our friends, believing that everyone does not want to see Well when the vast majority is the opposite, there is a lot of envy, people who hate that one shines, because if that person has not done it, they will not want you to do it. First I will tell you a little fable.



The Fable of the Snake and the Firefly

Legend has it that once, a snake started chasing a firefly; it was fleeing fast from the fierce predator, but the snake did not intend to give up.
She fled one day and she did not give up, two days and nothing.
On the third day, the Firefly stopped and, pretending to be exhausted, she said to the snake:

  • Wait, I give up, but before you catch me let me ask you a few questions.
  • I am not used to answering questions from anyone, but as I intend to devour you, you can ask me.
  • Do I belong to your food chain?
  • Do not.
  • Did I do you any harm?
  • Do not.
  • So why do you want to finish me off?
  • Because I can't bear to see you shine.
    The firefly dared to gather that information, because she wanted to understand the situation that clearly seemed pointless to her.
    Once aware of the snake's envy, she just smiled and flew even higher and faster, so the snake was left wanting that bite so luminous that she proved to be out of reach of her.
    In a final wink of light from her, the winged critter yelled at the snake, high above her:
  • "It is time for you to learn to shine yourself in such a beautiful way that we fireflies still observe your great radiance with admiration"


Around us we can have people like the snake envious of our brightness, or the brightness that we want to achieve, it is because of them today I want to tell you that you must keep it a secret and do not tell anyone, so that envy does not reach you, the bad energy does not overshadow you, or that no one comes first to steal your treasures.

Your future plans

What you must ask yourself is what is the advantage of telling that person your plans for the future. It is normal that your life has plans, goals and objectives that can be incredible that you want to share with other people, either because that person knows it, or to help you but are you sure that person will help you? Since we always have that feeling that people will also be happy for our goals, but sometimes it happens that that person demotivates you with that is impossible, do not go down that path, it will give you a doubt whether to start it or not. There are some who want to see you well but never better than them. Except for those people who do not have plans, you should never tell them your plans for the future, since they will be the first to speak ill of the projects you have in mind, because they will not want you to be a successful person.

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