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Hello, thanks for the mention in this post ... How you represented each post in detail.

Well, I did go beyond just receiving income and spending. Start with stacking goals or a fund that will later help me change my daughter's future. I do not know if one day I will become a great whale here, but if I grow my Power HIVE, LEO, CTP, CINEMA AND CURRENTLY POB.

Since I arrived at Leofinance my life on this platform has changed, because I saw something different that I did not see before, how large whales voted for people who were in zero power. That their votes was not that they were voting among themselves. There were friendly hands like yours who gave me advice:


In starting stacking I made a post about her advice as it rumbled in my head. It takes a motivation for people to stack their power that will not only be to become whales, or win in cures.

Because many start in this new world sometimes even lost, just looking for a solution or help to help them survive in their country. Seeing that by creating content you can pay your bill and buy food they go with that objective, they continue with it because there is no other motivation until that moment of only covering their basic needs.

But if we saw hivepower as a fund that we are accumulating for the not too distant future, it cannot help when we are not that young person who can spend long hours writing. In a fund that one day that we are unemployed we can withdraw a part while we seek a new economic stability, or a fund that cannot change the future of our children, as is my goal and motivation.

That in this way, by stacking, we are contributing with the platform so that the value of the currency increases, by having a good contribution the platform is well beneficial for us. But many people are unaware of the value of Power in stacking.

Today I thank this Hive platform and all of the second layer of Hive who have helped many people to get ahead to pay a bill or buy food. To each of the people who make lives in Leofinance who have helped me with advice, comments, votes, have made my economy stable, that I do not need a job to cover basic needs, that in the future this will multiply change everything for my daughter and me. That which he just read is almost at $ 0.85 and the hive $ 0.64 imagine when this cryptocurrency is above $ 2 or $ 5 because not seeing it at $ 10 or the promima bitcoin I will be riding on this rocket that me will lead to the moon.

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