The attitude you take will grow your life

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The attitude is the way that we interpret or respond to certain events or circumstances in life, such as being sad, responding with tears, annoying hitting a wall, every daily fact that life presents us is the attitude that we take, most of it focuses on to go towards the negative, doing this that harms us and we harm what is around us, it is for them that we must change the attitude towards the postivimos see our experiences and mistakes in another way.



Importance towards habits

One of the great secrets in life for us to be in life is to form good habits from a young age, this depends on our compartments and this depends on our habits, to improve we must develop positive habits that help us grow every day not only as a couple , as a son, father, friend but also with ourselves, where we can learn a language, read a book, learn about investments, exercise, eliminate everything that does not hurt like smoking, drinking alcohol, junk food every day, Complain about life making us do not harm them, it can be difficult to eliminate a bad habit to change it for a good habit. It is easier to watch television than to read a book.

  • The first steps would be to recognize that bad habits harm our lives, that they harm not only our body but also our mind.

  • Then realize that these bad habits do not need.

  • Finally, change it for positive habits and leave it completely.

Decide to live with joy

Everything is in our mind in us, the only thing that people can choose 100% is our attitude, it is the one you want which you must work to decide to live with joy, eliminate sadness, anger and pain, you are the one who has that power of how you want to live your life. What do you gain by getting angry in life? What do you gain by passing your rage? that will change nothing at all you will only have a great bitter taste in your life from taking on angry problems. What you should do is think, analyze the problems and look for the positives of how to solve it, sometimes you will get angry because you were fired from a job but maybe they are doing you a favor that you find your greatest skills, be an entrepreneur in life. I know you say I have a party? not but look for a positive way to repair the problems, breathe deeply, relax first angry you will not be able to think well you will only see the bad of what happened.

Joy is not in the things you have, but it is within you, you are the only one who can maintain that happiness and joy within you, you are the one who decides whether to become bitter about something, or continue enjoying your life, move forward .

Be a good person

In this society where technology has invaded our jobs, home and life, we have forgotten the importance of human quality and not that of a last generation equipment, since years and thousands of years ago our entire life has been based on relationship with other people, we are connected with life from dawn to dusk, doing what we transmit to others is our way of being, we all like the good person, because nobody likes the bad person around us then if not you like bad people by your side, you should not do it either, you should change and be good people with others, even if bad people approach your life.


How many times have you been left without acting without moving a muscle? Hoping that things will solve themselves, it is better that those who cause the change in our lives take the reins, before someone or something does it for us, do you want to be successful in life? you more than you are the only one who can fulfill it do not expect success to come to your door without you looking for it.

Some of the things that you should eliminate are the typical excuses that we always find when we want comfort or make ourselves feel good, because I am not successful because I am not intelligent, I am not rich because I was born poor, it is easier to fill our lives with excuses than looking for solutions and being proactive in our lives.

Eliminate Procrastination

This is a word widely used in this new time that we are living, we have free time as before but now we leave the activities for later, because it is easier to say later I do it, I am very tired, I have too much time to start my project , but why not start now? which is what keeps stopping you, drop those easy excuses that for later, do it now, take control of your life, because if not you will only stay, you will look back, you regretted not seeing it done before.

Living with goals

When did you stop having a goal in your life? when was the last you did? when did you finish your degree? when did you find a job? when did you get thin? but now what are your goals at this time? you are from the person who think that you already have your life made and you can not do more for them, because you are not wrong, fill your life with objectives every day and meet them, it is enough to maintain the same routine in your life that the time of death will arrive that you will leave in your steps just an empty. This first small goals so that your life goes by adopting again each time, do it in the long term and you will see how your life changes.

"Attitude is one little thing that makes a difference." Wiston

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