Next CTP Power Up Challenge ?

During the last days, I've received more and more demands regarding the next CTP Power up Challenge. It seems that people are already…

DCC & BHT collaboration ! - [ Skills Contest ]

I contacted recently @bigmain from the team of BHT, and we decided to create a collaborative contest between @dcooperation community and…

Will not welcome me? My intro post for Hive community

Hello Hiveans! Right now I am in the process of learning but I will not disappoint you " This is my intro post for Hive…

1000 $HBD GiveAway : Deadline 25th April

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Please watch the video to find out how you can participate in 1000 $HBD GiveAway. MARS Daily Listeni

Indian premier League T20 cricket season- top rated cricket tournament beginning today.

Hello sports lovers. This first post for sport talk social community.. IPL 14TH EDITION IS NOW LIVE. [source](

Free ALIVE Airdrop - The List Is Out

Made in Desygner Free ALIVE Airdrop - The List Is Out As we said in our White Paper we will have an airdrop when we launch our tribe…

Are you interested in joining HiveFive100 Crypto Club ?

Initial details about HiveFive100 Crypto club is coming out tomorrow. Entrepreneurship is about trial and error. It has been almost 8…

MY FINANCIAL GOALS 2021 initiative. My targets and opinion.

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Hi beautiful world! Hope life has been going good for you.. Before any personal financial decisio

#FinancialGoals2021 Initiative | Share your plan to grow in 2021 | HIVE and LEO Prizes

Hey Hivers! 2020 was a crazy year; we had the Hive fork, this virus that is still a threat, and the US Federal Reserve printed a record…

Just Did It - fulfilled my goal of investing for 100000 hive

Invest in hive I had always a dream of having 100000 hive and I just fulfilled it taking the opportunity of buying it when it was…

My Crypto Journey | Three Valuable lessons in 3 years journey

▶️ Watch on 3Speak This is my participation for @theycallmedan new initiative called “How crypto and blockch

Our 7 months old HIVE is an ugly baby… here’s some of my thoughts on how we can collectively raise it

HIVE is not going to be good right away — accept it. Technology development is key and We should be proud of ourselves for successfully…

HIVEBook will go through 100 iterations with MarsBook Experiment

Startups are not smaller versions of large companies. The ones that ultimately succeed go quickly from failure to failure, all the while…

Should I stop create content and Solely Focus on HIVETwitter ?

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Tomorrow is October. We’ve 93 Days left in 2020. I truly believe in power of Focus. So I’m plan

Is it only me who is missing @TheyCallMeDan ?

▶️ Watch on 3Speak The truth is that our HIVE Network is not the same with out Dan. I do believe he is dealing with his mu

Why Everyone On Hive Should Be Super Excited After Blocktrades Post Yesterday

Sometimes we simply do not realize how good we have it. Humanity seems infected with "the grass is always greener" syndrome. No matter…

HIVE In Beast Mode!

What an amazing weekend with Hive killing it with its insane price action. The absolute returns to all the users who were airdropped these…

Two Latino Community Witnesses Ready to Launch into Top20 - Vote Now!

Each day the Steem community is taking back an inch to regain control of the Top20 consensus witness positions recently taken over by Tron…
1 yr

STEEMIANS! Tonight We Dine In Hell! Cast The Votes For Your Witnesses NOW!

EDIT: @Yabapmatt is already producing blocks as he is ranked 1st as of now. I am going to keep this one short because obviously there is…


Greetings splinterlands warriors, This is my 12th 110 UNTAMED booster packs opening result post. On my last opening I got Gold foil Dragon…