A Little Off Chain Help For Dunk Social

I've been waiting for the start of [https://

How To Earn A Little Free Leo. (Just Comment Me)

I've been sick for a few days and missed posting and curating on Leofinance. As you may or may not know, I really like curating and I…

I'm Becoming A Grandma Investor

Ever since I got involved with Cubdefi and had access to things beyond hive Ive been spending a lot of my crypto. I'm exactly losing it…

FOMO's Into Doge, Here's What I Learned

So where do I start? FOMO is a new thing for me because honestly other than a little BTC in 2013 I've just been hyper-focused on…

Let's Hear It For Leo: I Brought In An Influencer with 1.9mil Youtube Followers

Really happy to report that my marketing efforts are paying off a bit as I brought @whiteboardcrypto onto the hive/leo blockchain. The…

I Wrapped 500 BLeo. Now What?

So in anticipation of Cub's newest features, the Bridge and Kingdoms, I decided to wrap my 500 liquid Leo tokens and now they are BLEO…

I Don't Want To Invest, I Want To Earn! (I Mean Invest)

The reason I traded what little crypto I had for Steem in 2017 is that it made sense to me that no matter what happened I could rescue my…

Is Adult Content A Good Investment?

So yesterday I was reading a post from @trumpman it made me really think. Is Adult Co

Ask Leo: 24 Hours To Bridge, What's The Best Use Of Liquid Leo?

We've all been waiting for Wen and it seems like tomorrow will be the day for the Leo Bridge. It's very exciting stuff and a brand…

You Can Always Count On Leo!

It's been a busy week for me and I have missed two days of posting on Hive/Leo which I always hate to do but hon

NoiseCash Add A Cool Feature

I go back and forth with regard to Noise.cash but lately I've been going forth. The admin is constantly testing and improving the…

Do You Pay Your Commentors No Matter What?

I'm still a little Lion turd here on Leofinance but I try like crazy. I've mustered a total of 5100 combined Leo Power (thinking of…

Investment In Alien Worlds Pays Off!

One of the things I like to do is earn crypto. Not buy it, but earn it. Hence, my love of the Hive Blockchain. A few weeks ago I dove…

Leveling Up: Earning In The Cub Den

When I first heard about CubFinance (Day 1), I hadn't even looked at Defi nor understood anything about it. Well, I still don't. All…

How Does Proof Of Brain Onboarding Really Work?

I've been thinking about Proof of Brain Community a lot over the last few days, especially as I'm running marketing tests for…

More Youtube Super Chat Cub Marketing

Just a quick reminder

How To Market Hive/Leo/Cub with 100% Guaranteed Success

So I have been writing a lot in the past on how to market Hive/Leo and now throw cub into the mix. I was a professional internet marketer…

Shill Me Proof Of Brain

If you know me at all you know I'm a curation freak. I just got done with my first curation contest and it was a lot of fun. During my…

My 1 Week Curation Contest Is Over, Here Is What I Learned

So a little more than a week ago I decided to do a Curation Contest . My goal was to help and encoura

I Love This NFT Junkyard

I've been playing Alien Worlds for exactly a week and I'm a little obsessed with mining [TLM](