Are You Earning Free Theta Fuel from Theta.TV?

10 days ago
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I always forget to mention one of the ways I drip free crypto here on LeoFinance but I know that certain people are interested in this stuff.

It comes under the category, "Earn Just A Little" but it adds up. I was diligent about earning free LBC tokens by logging into LBRY/Odysee every day and it paid off for me as LBRY became a token of some value now worth about $.20. I traded about $200 worth for some ETH and now I'm back collecting more.

But even easier is earning Theta Fuel ($.42) for just opening a browser tab and logging into and muting a livestream and letting it run in the background all day.

Now, you don't earn a lot that way but it is something. However, they have all types of gamified ways to earn TFuel and they are fun.

For Example, they have daily rewards for logging in and making "Predictions". That's when a streamer asks a question and you choose an answer. When you do that, you earn your daily reward.

So basically once a day you get a prize and you also earn TFuel by "watching" (cough,cough) a stream. Most streams are gamers but NASA has a cool one and Coindesk has a decent one. But you don't have to really watch.

In fact, I thought that we should have a LeoFinance streem and we can all BS in the chat just like we do in discord but earn Theta Fuel while we do it! Just a thought.

Anyway, that is my little earning tip for the day. This is one of my easier little tactics. The key is to be diligent. A token currently trading at $.42 is nothing to laugh sneeze at.

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