Is Adult Content A Good Investment?

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So yesterday I was reading a post from @trumpman it made me really think.

Is Adult Content A Good Investment? And I kind of think it is. If the admin is competent this site could actually be good because the market is there. (At least for awhile)

I'm not a big NFT guy in general but I do think there are certain niches that will thrive. Mainly Sports collectables and gaming but the adult industry has a place.

I actually bought Cummies after I read the article and doubled my money in 24 hours. Now I only bought 1000 of these tokens so no big deal but their discord is active and the niche has room for growth.

It checks all my boxes as a marketer so I'm excited about that and I have always thought onlyfans girls were going to get into NFTs somehow and this could be it.

I have high hopes but low expectations for this token. I see tons of marketing potential for it but I have to question the admin as I do with all this stuff.

Im learning with crypto that we are investing in things we have absolutely no control over. That's not a good position to be in and that's why I like tokens I can earn like Hive/Leo. But sex sells and Bill Maher has already made fun of it so why not.

As always not financial advice. Just a bunch of thoughts.

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