LeoFinance Marketing: Over 100 New Subscribers To The LeoFinance Youtube!

5 days ago
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It's been a few weeks since I started shilling the Official LeoFinance Youtube Channel and we've picked up 106 new subscribers.

I'm taking credit for any or all of those new subscribers but I've been clearly focused on the importance of youtube for the growth of LeoFinance.

Youtube is a Mega Marketing Machine and It's Free!

You have heard me mention this before but there are a lot of new LeoFinance members since then and it is worth repeating. It's worth repeating because this will never change!

Youtube is the largest suggestion engine in the world and the 2nd largest search engine in the world (Google #1). And while people like us might not like what it stands for, it is the key to finding more likeminded people for our blockchain.

I've written before about how youtube is like a mouse trap that we build for ourselves and then step right in it so I won't rehash here.

Just know that there are people on youtube looking for information about all things crypto and if we support Official LeoFinance Youtube Channel they will eventually find us.

How Do You Support The Official LeoFinance Youtube Channel?

So glad you asked. It's so easy.

  1. Subscribe
  2. Let any video play all the way through. (even if you're not watching)
  3. Like the video while it is playing.
  4. Leave a comment, not a question.

That's really all you have to do if you just want to minimally support the channel. Others will do more but those 4 things mentioned above will add trememdous value.

The goal is 1000 real subscribers. That is a key metric in the Youtube algorythm so it's our job as Lions to get us there.

You may notice that there hasn't been a new video posted in awhile. Don't worry. They will come. Let's just work with what we have right now and do the basics.

I'll write more about Youtube marketing in the future if anyone cares. I can prove to you that it works in all types of ways but this post is just a reminder that we are on the right track and 106 new subs is a big deal.

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