RE: Maxing out my chaos deck for splinterlands: Part 3.

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I can't even imagine having full decks lol. I'm playing in bronze but finally starting to win my matches which means I'm learning a little something. I'm scared to buy stuff or trade out my random alpha cards for cards that I use in battle but I imagine I will become more comfortable playing the game. Chaos really slowed me down because I was still learning the old meta.

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There was a time that i couldn't either but then i put a little money into the game and a lot of time.

Eventually you build up a strong enough deck to win more prizes and grow faster.

Just like every other part of crypto it takes time or money to grow.
Lots of practice and pick up a few strategic cards and you will be able to move up the ranks a little bit. Get a good base to grow from.

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I think the time will pay off for me. I'm getting more interested in the game for sure

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