Tokenized Blogging Means You Better Go And Curate!

16 days ago
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The new CubFinance looks awesome and if you haven't noticed, there is a hyperlink called "Tokenize Blogging" on the left sidebar.

All that is an ad for Leofinance which will get some new defi eyeballs on our site, and a hint and a half for people that the easiest way to get leo is to earn it!

It's FREE! And, it's a huge opportunity for those who hold leo to maintain its value by assuring that there is a market for it.

If feel lucky to have some Leo and the value of it will surely go up in the future because it will become more and more scarce with the burns but someone is going to need to buy it. That means we need to create demand.

In my opinion, the easiest way to create demand is by incentivizing creators with Leo. That means curate! And, curate often. Don't leave your Leo power in the bank, spread it around.

Community members have certain feelings about "shit posts" or whatever you want to call the types of content you don't love but to me all posts are worthy of some type of support. Even if that support is in the form of constructive criticism.

I personally vote all my comments and new posts. That usually takes all my Leo Power and I vote the new posts because to me it seems obvious that it is cheaper and more efficient to support our existing "customers" than it is to go out and find new ones.

They will eventually find their voice or disappear. Hopefully, each of them will spend a few $$ to invest in Leo and grow their stake. We all want Leo even if we don't fit in around here. There are other tribes and project blank (WEN?) to help them create content but if they start out in Leofinance (which is totally fine) they will see the value of the token.

The key to maximizing our opportunity as current stakeholders is to pay content creators with our votes that don't really cost us anything. Use your power. You don't always need to use it responsibly, just use it.

You don't need to vote for me, just vote for someone! (At least 10 times a day)

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