RE: What is the sense of a 1% upvote on the Hive blockchain?

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On one side you are right but on the other side there are other things to consider. Someone mentioned already the tribe token multiplier and there is also curators who read a lot of posts and vote. They could not do their work if they all vote with 100% all the time. So the 1% vote will lead into votes from the tribe or community. I vote between 11 and 23% most times on posts I like. When I curate I go way lower, except I really like the post, then I vote like I normally would vote.
I hope this explains it.

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Good upvotes routine. I wouldn't mind either 5%, but 1%, common!...


Freedom of voting! Everyone can vote what he wants. I bet if we start complaining about the vote percentage people will either say, you are right and vote more, or they will simply stop voting and unfollow. I'm happy with any amount someone is willing to spend / vote.
By the way: I have forgotten curation trails where people set the percentage on x amount of the original vote percentage. This way it is possible that the vote would be 10 percent and if you have set it to 10% it's 10% of 10% which would be 1%. Imagine you are in a curation trail of someone in a curation trail. So there are many reasons why someone vote 1% and could be not even aware of it.