Another Wild Ride Down Plagiarism Lane

I was going through the new posts this morning and this account caught my attention: 'bitukoyo'. Not tagging him/her intentionally. It is…

Proof of Brain is not a Community Where you Talk about The Brain or Intellect, It is a General Topics Community


Charlie Munger Says... | Logical Fallacy #2

Source Wasn't expecting another one so soon but I was introducing crypto to an elderly relative and they brought up Charlie Mung

But Gold's Been Around 5,000 Years | Logical Fallacy #1

Source One of the best parts of Philosophy 101

5 POB Article Campaigns On Other Platforms

I posted an article a week ago about the importance of article campaigns on other platforms. There are some reasons why I post article…

Persistence: Staying The Course

Persistence: the fact of continuing in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. Who remembers the meme at…

Taking A Loss | When The Investment Case Changes

I have had this underperforming stock in my portfolio for the last three years and have been looking to get rid of it. At one point it was…

The China Hustle | Recommended Scam Documentary

There are no good guys in this story - the tag line perfectly describes what's going on with the listing of fraudulent Chinese companies…

ARK Sells Some Tesla Buys Some Coinbase

News out on Reuters that Cathie Wood's ARK funds has bought

Bernie Madoff Has Passed Away

Arguably, the most famous fraudster of the 21st century thus far, Bernie Madoff has passed away in jail at the age of 82. He had been a…

Sacramento Kings' Players Can Now Get Paid In Bitcoin

Add this one to the long list of crypto-adoption stories that are starting to prop up everywhere. Crypto is now coming to basketball and…

BNB Is Becoming Unusable For Small Transactions

One of the things I loved about Binance back in the day was that it was able to handle small transactions including withdrawals and…

Coinbase To Start Trading On Nasdaq Next Week

Coinbase Global Inc will start trading on the Nasdaq exchange next week under the COIN ticker symbol and this presents an opportunity for…

2FA Isn't Foolproof | Keep Your Money Safe

With crypto, more of us are managing our own money instead of leaving it to a third-party institution like a bank to manage our money for…

USDCHF Looks Like A Buy Into 0.9150

I previously wrote about the Tux Indicator and how i rate it highly for forex reversal signals on the 1 hour charts. From the attached…

Keep An Eye On Those BSC Fees | How Much Have You Spent?

It has been about a month since Cub launched and with that, it's time to see how much i've spent in fees. To track how much you have…

Have You Added Cub To Your CMC Watchlist? | Success Begets Success

'Success begets success', a well-known proverb that means that if you've succeeded once, the more likely it is that you will succeed…

Is This The End Of The Gamestop Short Squeeze?

The latest news is that GameStop is planning to sell 3.5 million shares which makes perfect sense given their elevated share price. If…

Why Do We Say A Company Has Missed Earnings Estimates? | Funny Observations Of A Life In Finance

Instead of saying that analysts were terrible at estimating the quarterly or yearly earnings of a company? This is one of the funny things…

We Can All Promote Cub Finance | Marketing Funnel

Exciting couple of days in Cub land as the TVLs and CUB prices continue to move in the right direction. $20 Mil TVL is surely going to…