Climbing at Paarl Rock

Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve, in the Cape winelands, offers some interesting granite slab climbing. There are three major features with…

Hive quick update

Hive seems quite resilient. that must be due the several pumps we had in the last few days. Good news is that we are still in a new…

Any tips about creating a token ?

I'm building the community @dcooperation long enough to think about creating a token. I'm still learning about other token created and…

Whoop Whoop! Finally 100 POB Power

It's taken a while but I've finally made it to 100 staked POB! Next stop is 500. Posted via proofofbrain.io

Exploring The Island – my personal nature paradise on the south coast of Africa

Just a few minutes drive from my home on the south coast of Africa is a rare and curious geological feature called “The Island”. I went to…

Floating point math is the devil!

Programming exercise: Head on over to Type in: console.log(0.1 * 125)

Fastly, Cloud Services, And How My Website Was Taken Down By A Service I'd Never Heard Of.

Vast swathes of the internet were taken down by yesterday's Fastly Outage . Although it was resolved fairly quickly, it certainly cost…

Bitcoin Dominance Showing The Maturation Of The Industry

Bitcoin maximalists aren't going to like what is happening. We are seeing the dominance of Bitcoin plummet. Their views aside, this is a…

Jobs Are A Measurement Of Your Countries Failure

Hey Jessiemployees We're all told that we need to grow up and become productive members of society, go out and create jobs and wealth…

LEO Mining Tokens Beneficial?

I'm not sure how to tell whether I'm earning anything from my LEO Mining tokens. I hold a very small amount of staked LEOM (about…

Part 2: Coding on Hive With Python - Installing Modules and Fetching Some Data from Hive

In Part 2 we will install beem, a Hive module for Python, and get our hands on some Hive blockchain data. Let's go! This is the second…

What you may not know about STEMGeeks and the STEM token

If you haven't checked out STEMGeeks, now is a great time to get involved. Full disclosure, STEMGeeks is my community and STEM is the…

South African Revenue Service Develops Strong Appetite For Crypto Taxation

Source For crypto traders, Hodlers or whatever form of crypto on have been exposed to fo

Ask Me Anything - Marky Edition - May 2021

Have you always wanted to ask me something? Now is your chance, there won't be another! (ok, ok, there will) Hit me up in the…

What vision do you have for Hive?

Nice to meet you. I'm Mayer, who first posted on Hive yesterday. While thinking about the subject of the article, I came up with a…

Art NFT's Are Going Missing

Hey Jesspeculators I've been laying into NFT's for some time now because I think it's a thorn in the side of crypto adoption once this…

Job Post | Website Creation - Paying in Leo - Hive - POB

Hello Lions and Cubs I need a creation of a congress website. Preferred platform: WordPress Speed: Is a plus Contact me in Leofinance…
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Contest on Hive for Developers

How to attract more Developers and Users to Hive? I think one good way can be monthly contests with price Money. What can a contest…

What's Better Than An HBD Stable Coin? Answer: An HBD Derivative Coin

Often when we look at a problem we may come up with an answer that on the surface seems perfect. However those first instincts that we…

Complex numbers in clojure

As part of an effort to learn the Clojure language, I've set about implementing a basic set of functions for working with complex…