RE: Fickle Fans And Footballs Financial Fallacies

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Indeed, the stadiums are now white elephants on the balance sheet and not only being a major cost but its now bringing in no income so they're obviously going to look at consolidating income. What many fans don't get is many of these clubs are highly leveraged and NEED the cash flow to avoid going into administration.

Owners aren't going to bail out clubs that makes no financial sense, the bought it to increase their net worth.

Yes Liverpool and Arsenal got backlash for their ticket prices pricing out the common man, so all they did was stagger the price rises and they got there anyway lol May not be as far ahead as they would like but it still increased.

There was a time when gambling ads and sponsorships were unthinkable in football and people hated it and boycotted clubs and now its the norm in fact they force it in your face now more than ever

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