Add Your DEC to Liqudity Pool (CubDefi or TribalDex) Get Rewards

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Today is 48th day of SPS Airdrop. DEC (Dark EnergyCrystals) gives 1x point for total airdrop points. Lots of people holding DEC in only Splinterlands.

There are lots of better ways while holding DEC for airdrop. If you hold your DECK in liquidity pool your airdrop multiplayer is 2x.

CUB Defi:

CUB Defi was first place that I know. You can add your DEC to DEC-BUSD liqudity pool and earn $CUB. APR went down and today APR is 8,91% If you hold your DEC along Airdrop, It is better than holding on game!

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I discovered this place recently. There are lots of pools on TribalDex and you can get $BEE, $DEC, $SIM and $HIVE!

My favourated pool is PIZZA:DEC ! It is more profitable than holding in game Splinterlands.

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Hive Pizza is great project in Hive to get passive income! I focused to invest in and I will flow my DEC to Pizza:DEC pool. I am investing in Hivepizza and earning passive income from my idle DECs. What could be better than this?

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This week I tested liqiudity pool and I added 204 DEC for 4,1 Pizza and I get 0,121 Pizza reward in a day. Amazing APR!

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I will hold all my DEC for a year and flow them liqudity pool. What about you?

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