DCity is Getting More Profitable After Hive Price Pump

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dCity is a city simulator game based on Hive-Engine Non-Fungible Tokens. It is a NFT farming game that you can create your most profitable city to get more passive income.

There are lots of passive income method on Dcity and Holding $SIM is one of them. You can get Hive by holding $SIM.

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After Hive Price pumped, Holding $SIM is getting more profitable...

You can get passive income by holding $SIM.

SIM Power is calculated from average 30 days SIM holdings. It is used to vote on president, ranking rewards and lobbying.

Additionally, with over 8000 SIM Power you will receive holding rewards (in HIVE) every day.

My SIM power is 177577 and I can get 0.362 Hive. It is great APR that you can make 74% APR. $SIM price is at good level now to buy and hold it to get passive income...

I can make 0,7 USD by holding 270 USD valued $SIM...

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As I said, someone bought all $SIM on table..

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Dcity is one the most played game in Hive Blockchain. Hive is getting more popular. I think more new users will create their city on Dcity...

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I like the concept of the game, but do you know how decentralized it is? Do you know what would happen to it if their servers go down? Because most Hive dapps are not decentralized due to how the blockchain works.

I am trying to learn more about the Hive games to decide in which to invest but most are centralized and only use Hive to login and post data, so the data is not reliable because the data validation and processing is not decentralized(as far as I know)


but most are centralized

Can you name those that are not?

I know that is a trick question as centralisation is not boolean but your wording indicates the exceptions exist.


Honestly I wish I could! I said “most” to leave it open that some may be, but on Hive I don’t know any that is truly decentralized, like in other turing complete chains with real programmable logic


I love the game since the beginning and even the @homeless-city project is something so cool.

Math is everything.... ;-)

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Agree hive rocked to moon