Should I Invest to Axie Infinity or Splinterlands?

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I've been observing the Axie Infinity NFT game for the last 2 weeks. Also I downloaded and set up the game and looking marketplace to buy axie to start the game...

I have been playing Splinterlands for 2 years...

Axie Infinity is great place to get income while playing game. Splinterlands is also but You can make money on Axie Infinity 20 USD per day for 2 hours. At the same time you can earn 2 USD in Splinterlands...

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I dont know any idea what Axie Infinity's future will be..
but I believe Splinterlands future is bright! SPS airdrop make the game stronger and more popular. So I can make more than 10x in Spliterlands but Axie Infinity has potential after this peak (If here is peak)?

What if SPS will list on Binance?

I said it may be on peak because marketplace is same level during 2 week and I think It is so high. I should invest 1000 USD to start the game on basic level...

So, Should I invest to Spliterlands? I have lots of questions about it.

I want to improve my passive incomes...
My Passive Incomes:

  • Blogging: Hive, LEO, ProofofBrain
  • Mining: Ethereum
  • Farming: CUB
  • Gaming: Splinterlands

NFT will be future of crypto. I need to add new game or improve my team.

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