SPS Price is Going Up to Target!

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After touching 0.04 USD where is the bottom of SPS price, It is up 75% from the bottom. SPS price broke up falling wedge pattern.

I shared lots of posts about SPS price might be touched the bottom about 0.04 USD and I think that I was right..

After finishing SPS airdrop, SPS price is in loss selling pressure. So, The future of SPS is so bright..

The team is also working for SPS utility which is important for Splinterlands hype and SPS price future..

Here is the chart of SPS price. It is broke up the resistane coming from the beginning of 2022. It is so important. Because It is testen 2 times before. So we may say that It is great resistance...

Ekran Resmi 20220804 00.02.08.png

SPS price is important for Splinterlands future. Liqiudity pools may support SPS price to reach the target. Guilds will be also more important and player will get SPS rewards in brawls. There are coming good news for SPS.

It is still under 100M USD marketcap. If SPS price up, Validator Licence sales will increase. If there is more sales, more burning SPS...

More burning SPS will effect positively for price..

Ekran Resmi 20220804 00.13.45.png

I am very bullish for SPS price. It is in my gem list for 2022 altcoin season. I hope we will see the first target of SPS.

We will see..

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