Will BTC Break Weekly RSI Resistance? Important Weekend

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It is interesting year for BTC's moves. Technical analysts have been wrong many times this year. That's why I should never be precise.

BTC price is up over 10% this week. It has now broken the RSI resistance in weekly chart that has been coming since January. RSI resistance and support breakouts indicate major trend reversal.

Ekran Resmi 20211008 23.16.02.png

It is one of the most important weekend for BTC. Weekly close will show us RSI and If it breaks up resistance, great bullish trend may start!

Weekly MACD indicator is at good level. If RSI support MACD, It may be good signal for great Bullish trend...

Will Weekly RSI resistance be broken?
As I said at beginning, BTC played with people to mislead them in this year.

As I said this weekend will be important.

As you see 4-hours chart of BTC, RSI support trend line may be broken in this weekend...

Ekran Resmi 20211008 23.28.49.png

If it manages not to break and the week's closing is at a good level, a new page can be opened for BTC!

Follow the trend lines. BTC likes to fake it....

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