Splinterlands assets better than BTC?

With all the commotion and excitement surrounding Splinterlands the game.. which was introduced to steem blockchain as Steemmonsters, but…

600,000 SPT time to curate

I was luckily enough to get an opportunity to get some fat stacks of SPT with the craze of the game and it's ever exploding past tier…

I purchased Yodin Zaku

▶️ Watch on 3Speak ![image.png](

Sacred Llama and Kron combo all Gold cards

▶️ Watch on 3Speak I managed to reach silver round, I decided to try something fun and play this battle with

Bought KRON killed it!

Hey allow video on where I make another goal complete, I picked a KRON and let go of the rental one I had. Now I have my combo. In less…

My Chaos Progression Continues Tools to finding Best Prices

Here are the cards I still need to make my Earth set which I think is the best combo with the chicken and slime to win over 80% of…

Getting my account ready for chaos, picked up a llama [Video]

Hey all, I am getting my account for spt ready for chaos it is almost Halloween, and so much is happening on this game that I must get m