Grandaddy Purp Bugbear (Mystic)

Grandaddy Purp Bugbear here to take over your life force and make you enjoy one of the best intergalactic chronic in the form of THC…

Cryptic Chronic, work in progress legendary

sketch for nft Quick sketch on one of the upcoming Legendary NFT's I am putting out for My Project Utopis.

Connecting with other projects to delegate success

What’s going on everybody Chrono here on the blockchain it is a wonderful Busy Sunday, Utopis should already by spitting out Hive-Engine…

Hive-Engine tookens USD

Quick tooken update information on some of the Hive-Engine tokens, Turns out we are currently able to do 7 HE tookens as added Divs…

My Rating update, Juicy Utopis updates

Around 12 days ago, I mentioned about my DD ratings and how I wanted to increase my ratings, There might be bonuses involved for such a…

Top dasher = more $$

Another month with the top Dasher status, it just means that I accept over 70% of the orders all of my ratings are over 90

Utopis Hive-Engine tookens USD VALUE

Wanted to share some quick information on some of the Hive-Engine tokens, which I hope I can get mostly all paying out. Lets see.…

Missed out on the Hive pamp to a $1

Well.. Hot damn did things get crazy fast, Hive touched a $1 Last night and it is sitting at over .80 Cents.. hmm lets take a look at some…

Utopis Testing Commences - Quick Update

I have mentioned for a while now, .. that Project Utopis will soon start sending out Hive-Engine Divs such as Bees, STEM, SPS, APE.. ect…

NFT Gaming still on the rise

Couple weeks back I mentioned I was going to dive into some NFT gaming, which I did. I decieded to put into a couple of games.. at the…

Happy Saturday ! Update on my ratings

Looking at my DD stats and how I mentioned last week on wanting to get my ratings to a higher level, I am currently sitting at above 90s…

DD profits + a darn heat wave

How’s it going Blockchain chrono here once again I need to share with you my profits so far that these are over but I wanted

Hive is the 💰hub

Good afternoon everybody it is Friday and I am barely going to start my day hustle. Man this hive pump even though bitcoin and every…

APE mining

It's almost here the "game" we have been waiting for 2 months now.. or at least some of us, mostly in the mancave and anyone that might…

They tell you to never go full APE

What do we do the majority of the time? We are told not to do something? That's right you rebel. That's what I did here, sure it might…

SPS and Utopis Hive Gaming investing

So, this is going to be quick and fast, with SPS of course I do not have much in cards, I moslty sold all throughout the years, About 2…

Splinteredlands airdrop - The Gorlodon "Gold " What's it worth now?

Around June I posted my pack reward cards, which was The Gorlodon, and also a gold one. I got super lucky that time around. The above…

Hives very own Cannabis growing play2earn style gaming

I enjoy cannabis, I post about it a couple of times a week, not so much as I used to I should ramp up the cannabis production, since I…

California Superior Court judge ruled Friday Prop 22 no more!

The California State Legislature is considering new legislation that could negatively impact Gig Worker's ability to earn money on…

Bitcoin on a rampage, 50K first time since May

Is this the start of the yearly bullrun? Are we to see that infamous 100k? Do you remember July 20th? Where BTC's touched