Buy Hive with APPLE Pay?

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I came across this comment about Hive being difficult to purchase, like other coins. I am forgetting about the blood shed and bringing something cool. Hive got a new panel.. a new way.. or at least for me this morning. You can now Buy HIVE with Apple Pay!! Or if you hate apple and enjoy Google, or just have a Samsung s22 ultra you can use Google Pay thanks to Transak.


$200 for nice chunk of Hive - 389.63

I have already KYC, with them through METAMASK. So it should be a breeze to pick up some hives so much easier now..!! Less fees.

Screen shots from my phone, since you cannot use Apple Pay on a windows.. Maybe a Macbook yes.

only $7.98 of fees to get those Hives! Not a bad trade off.. maybe the KYC.. but what ever.

Ill go through the whole bit a bit later.

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