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Yes, another addition to adding value to Project Utopis.. or maybe not. In any case you are now able to Stake your Utopis to earn a bonus for something you are already doing.

Remember Utopis that is placed on the Market does not get Divs.


I might have mentioned it a few times, that BEE fee is for sure a burn. Talking about BEE tooken is pamping.

Last: 1.27 HIVE / $0.665 24h Vol: 11,436 HIVE / $5,986.48

Safe to say that Hive-Engine might explode soon, I am in a good position to take full advantage of the opportunity with WORKERBEE.

But Yes I have activated the Staking option for you all. As I have stated before no need to stake to earn bonus.

I just did it now,


Utopis Snapshot - Updated

Here is a snapshot of Utopis assets.
I have no idea why any coin goes up or down.. crypto sure is a funny roller coaster. Look at this though.

These estimates, make Utopis Valued over 5 Hive

This is Some of Utopis value on Hive, this does not include the 3 cities on Dcity, Splinterlands assets, Exode packs/cards, APE, and a handful of more projects, If there is a project on Hive that I don't know about than I will find out and invest in it.


Maybe I am too ambitious... but I am in 💯 join me if you will. looking at these numbers though..

APR (based on most recent payout + Recent price of UTOPIS):69.27%
DO remember though these do not include the Tribe Div Payments... 🤜 This coming Monday will be week 2 of Hive-Engine Divs.

As I have always said this is only the start of what we can achieve. My first goal is to create an extremely bulky project extending to various projects all over HIVE with a competitive coin price that pays out outstanding dividends.

Tokenomics of Project Utopis

  • Total Hard Cap: 1 Million Tokens~
  • Total Burnt (null) 850,000
  • Total Minted: 150,000 and in circulation (80776.7836134) held by accounts, I currently hold 69,223.21638656
  • Current true* price of Utopis 5 hive, Market price is 3.5 hive

Lets see how much Utopis gets Staked, Future Airdrop is a possibility

You can you buy Utopis on Tribaldex.
“Tribaldex is made by the same Hive-Engine Team”

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