XRP’s Price Will Surge to Outperform Bitcoin

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So I’ve been reading a lot about XRP and reading a lot of analysts saying that it will probably outperform bitcoin whatever that means.

Despite the SEC lawsuit a couple of weeks ago and after the dip, it still maintains I guess you can say it’s integrity with the XRP community… But then it exploded to $.70 for the upcoming AirDrop of their flair token sadly I did not participate…

Only because I consider XRP, not a true cryptocurrency I’ve been in the blockchain for quite some time to understand the difference between What is meant to be cryptocurrency written by Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto herself… Now that just could be me being a total fanboy but.

I got a screenshot of this dude saying exactly what I’m talking about above again it’s predicted that XRP probably their market cap will explode over bitcoin’s only because it’s backed by companies right.


I’m not gonna say I’ve never held XRP but I have I’ve taken some profits and that’s all I need as far as anything else I don’t know but then we’ll talk about tether right it’s a one to one ratio of a dollar I assume I don’t know I might change on the hall XRP situation considering they’re thinking it might explode in value but right now I am interested in cardano ADA is right there if you don’t have any go buy some and this is not financial advice I check out XRP price is recovering nicely even after the SEC lawsuit doesn’t matter I guess.

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