NFT news CTPSB WAX NFTs, $NEFTY Mining tricks, Splinterlands observations, Crypto Monkeys, & Gnomes Game

A ground breaking announcement regarding WAX NFTs, & HIVE services. Followed by a few WAX Dapp walkthroughs including Gnomes game & $NEFTY…

Gold cards airdrop, Splinterlands tutorial, & Share your battle challenge

A blockchain game to which I feel as though I owe a great deal of gratitude Splinterlands, which has brought many new faces to hive &…

Cronic cards Palnet launch, Other cannabis NFTs, Gladius case unboxing

In todays write up, Ill go over the relaunch of cronic cards on do a Gladius case unboxing in Splinterlands, & finally top it all off…

Cannabis Markets Are Oversold and On Sale! Chilling on Some Indica!

▶️ Watch on 3Speak What's happening my cannabis loving friends! It's another #Weedcash Wednsday and

KOGs on site P2P marketplace!!- Splinterlands Gold card airdrop, NFTs & Community

NFT trilemma what is that? Why KOGs is changing WAX forever? All these questions and more will be answered in todays write up. What is…

Our financial goals and looking at it as an artist

Introduction I recently discovered the @wearealive tribe on Hive and was reading their posts and what to blog about. I think this is now…

Torums (XTM) (IDO), Farming Tales Unboxing, & Splinterlands tips

An IDO in crypto terms refers to the launching of a cryptocurrency on a decentralized exchange (DEX). H3ll must have froze over as XTM…

New Splinterlands NFTs!!!, NFT Mining, Farming, $NEFTY mining, & more

New Splinterlands NFTs, New Alien worlds functionality, New Upland Functionality combined with new crypto MonKey play to earn mechanism.…

Engagement Project Dividends report - POB : 188% , LEO : 19% , DUNK:98% .

Good evening to everyone . It is Sunday and I am here to report the delegators dividends for the Engagement project . [Image Source](

Cannabis NFTs, Hashkings progress, & a few project updates

Cannabis NFTs crypto these three industries represent Billions of dollars each in revenue this year alone. Crypto has a Market with an…

(WAX EVM + ETH bridge) / (Upland & external NFTs)(NFTs Rising star, Pizza, KOGs) & Much much more

WAX EVM news, Upland news, Rising Star update, & RFOX Vault Market auction. All of this info and more in todays write up, the beginning of…

Delegating to Hive.Pizza | Farm PIZZA tokens daily!

The PIZZA token project grows stronger day by day and continues to discover new heights every week. One of the many amazing features the…

KOGs Now series 3 tube creation / Price spike, Rising Star / PIZZA, & Green Rabbit

The KOGs NFT colection Prices will shoot up like crazy, Green rabbit new features, & PIZZA / Rising Star. In this writ up ill do a KOGs…

The Hive NFT boom, tribes I discovered thus far

You may have noticed some price spikes going on with Hive alts, SPT being one of the most obvious. If your unaware as to why, the answer…

NFT news Splinterlands SPT NFTs, similar HIVE LIST NFT market, & way to much for a title

SPT NFTs and site NFT market active, Hive list has one similar to this announced. New DEC and SPS liquidity rewards on tribal DEX, KOGS…

Reward cards are almost gone - GIVEAWAY 3 x HARVESTER or 3 SBI

Welcome to another giveaway! Splinterlands daily quest rewards have been a little bit dull lately. There are very few reward cards left so…

HiveHustlers Update for September!

What's up my hustlers! Hope everyone is doing well! We are starting another month and this one the #hivecommerce tokens will definit

NFTs so many NFTs , A $NEFTY crypto launch, & a look at weed NFTs

I have guild news, WEED tips, NFT updates to beat the band, a new crypto $NEFTY, & Several WEED NFT collections. Way to much more to get…

$NEFTY token launch unboxing and profit potential analysis

Usually I prefer not to tout alt coin projects especially on WAX, $NEFTY is going to be different then other WAX alts perhaps the first…