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Greetings to all readers of this great platform, especially to readers of crypto topics and people who want to get into this world, which today are part of the community of #LeoFinance, in the present opportunity I want to share some material that follows part of learning about trading and investments, so I want to talk about the times of investments and the recovery of the same, depending on the taste of each person.

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Many people who decide to take the step forward and start in the world of cryptocurrencies, besides entering the world of trading either with little or much capital, often sin for lack of knowledge and that is mainly because in the world of cryptocurrencies, there are many variants that can affect and we must take into consideration that we must study about them, and have a broad knowledge of the market to invest.

On the other hand, many do not know the time in which their investment is recoverable, and this will depend on the temporality and the type of trading they are doing, with this I mean that there are investments that can be to change in 5 minutes, others in hours, days, months and even years, all will depend on the way these people want to make their investment and the type of trading that are considered.

Usually the highest profitability is obtained in continuous market operations, or this is my particular opinion, but this also generates a great wear on the person and a broad knowledge of technical analysis, which can mark the entries and exits in the market in the short, medium and long term, but as they say every rule has its exception, in the world of trading there are also, because it is always good to take advantage of opportunities.

There are opportunities in the market as the one that is being presented with a strong trend of waiting for the BTC to reach 10k where it would be a great opportunity to buy, since it is projected that in 2 years it will easily exceed 100k in its price, so it would be a long-term investment but would not leave a profit margin of 45 thousand dollars per year without effort, if everything goes as it should, so the time of investments we place it ourselves, adjusted to our knowledge, capital and time to make the necessary effort.

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Hi @chucho27

One piece of advice I have always taken, is that the key is to be able to stay focused, be calm to be able to walk this bear market and accumulate tokens, better times will come. And when that happens we will be in a good position.

Best regards, be well.