The constant fall of the crypto market continues.

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Greetings to all readers of this great platform, especially to all readers of the #LeoFinance community, in the present opportunity I want to share with you information that is related to the constant fall of the crypto market, which has not stopped yet, after a few days of falling to 20k today again sharply drops its market price, so it is a situation that is expected but not as continuously as it happens.

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The crypto market is facing one of the worst instabilities I have experienced since I have been part of this world, the problems of interest rates affecting the crypto market, the problem of constant attacks, war, inflation worldwide, as well as the economic recession in the US and many other factors worldwide, are reflecting their consequences in the crypto world, so we witness these constant losses in value.

A few days ago we managed to observe a resounding fall of the market, losing the support of 30k and reaching almost 20k in less than 2 days, today we could observe another situation in the market, although it was not at those levels, it did have a big loss, taking its value from 22k in the market price to 17.5k the lowest point, despite this it managed to recover a little of its value in the market, which led it to a value of almost 19k at the time of making this post.

Now, this situation is really worrying, it is expected that the correction that the BTC makes can take it to 10k of its value, being the point of origin of its last start of the bullish cycle, but what is not expected is that the corrections are as constant and abrupt as those that have been observed in recent times, this being a situation that is really worrying for many, seeing how fast the crypto market is falling in terms of its value, this complete correction may come sooner than expected.

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What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with depression caused by a crashed crypto market?

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Greetings @yieldgrower.

A recommendation would be to look for alternative sources of income and keep your tokens safe, this way while this winter lasts you will have a large amount of tokens accumulated, it may last for the rest of the year, but when a bull market arrives we will have our fruits.


very good points!

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