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A few days ago I added liquidity in the CUB/BUSD pairs, making a step by step process in order to help the newer ones to do the same. To evaluate the profitability of the platform, I decided not to enter it in a few days and see how much the investment had generated, this way, depending on what I saw of profit, I would decide whether to add more liquidity or keep the same amount until a certain period of time. Of course, I have found that the returns are fantastic and that is the reason for this publication.

For those who do not know, CubFinance is a platform directly related to the Decentralized Finance or (DeFi) environment, it is supported on the "Binance Smart Chain" network, one of the most used Blockchain networks currently in conjunction with Ethereum, its purpose is that, as investors, we experience what are the "Liquidity Farms", which makes us market makers. The money we bring in to add liquidity we will place 50/50 in the pair of our choice, sharing a percentage in the liquidity pool.

Why I chose the pair CUB/BUSD

I am not an expert in finance and economics, but what I have learned has taught me to determine what is the best investment option according to my needs, in that sense, I seek the best possible return when investing and the most comfortable for me in time and objectives was to choose the pair with the highest APR of all and that is CUB/BUSD, in my opinion is a pair with medium risk and I seek is to generate profits at least for a few months and then see what happens to make a decision whether to continue or withdraw liquidity.

To date after adding liquidity about 6 days ago, I have obtained approximately about 8.6 CUB with a value of $22, which in my opinion is a fairly high return and in a very short time, which is exactly what I am looking for, so I had no doubt to invest again, of course accepting my risk, but fully trusting the project and the LeoFinance team to continue doing a good job.


Additional $1000 for the pair CUB/BUSD

As I already mentioned, the returns in just a few days are fantastic, only adding liquidity equivalent to 1 BNB that, in the first instance have a value of about $ 500 at the time of adding liquidity on the platform about 6 days ago, of course today, the BNB is trading higher. Taking this into account, I will add an additional 1000$ to the 500$ already added, which would be a total of 1500$ of liquidity in the same CUB/BUSD, later I will monitor the daily profits and I will be able to make a report to have a record of everything that I am generating in CUB


With this report I have finished this publication, I want to emphasize that I am new experimenting everything related to Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and so far I have had a very good experience, I hope to continue like this, for this reason I will try to monitor daily my investment and profits generated, then in future publications I will talk about how I could use my earnings to raise at least a little my voting power on the LeoFinance platform.

If you are still new and have no idea how to add liquidity and invest in the platform, I have made a step by step tutorial on how to do it, you can visit the publication that I will leave below in order to help you to enter it.

Link to the publication

My total liquidity

Until next time and happy investing.


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