Trust Me You Will Addict To This Game - DCity

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We all play different types of games. But when you join this game - DCity, you will stop playing all other games & will addict to this game.

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DCity is not only a game, it's a kind of revenue generator that could give you a nice return if you play right.
You can play it as a City builder, as an investor, or as a community leader too. There are a lot of roles you can act within the game.

Revenue Generator Techniques

The entire game is based on a CITY NFT token that has 2 Editions of Building cards, Technology cards & Citizen cards. Some of them are cheap in price & if you understood the game well, you could earn most of the free cards per day through daily random card distributions.
Moreover, the game rewarding system is based on SIM, a FT token at Hive Engine. If you balanced your City income with Population, Popularity & Taxes, you might earn an attractive daily income through this game as well.

Late to Join

This is not a kind of revenue sharing - PONZI at all. It's a game that is truly based on fun, community, mathematics, predictions & token-economy. Therefore, try to play it as a game & you will be addicted to the game & its concept. I can assure you that.

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