Elon Musk's clever strategy

Being among the richest and most influential men in the world means being able to decide the world trend of finance with a few…

SHIBA INU: Shitcoin or Not?

That the market is bullish is clear when unlikely coins or tokens, hidden until a few days before, suddenly turn on and register dizzying…

M4L - Development updates

Lets Talk Hey, community! I know that we have been a bit disappeared for various reasons, between the launching of @

Password: Strategy!

The biggest illusion for all those who enter the crypto world for the first time is to make money and immediately also. Unfortunately, the…

The positive effects of tokenization

The creation of communities and their tokenization provides the possibility for users to obtain more reward tokens by publishing their…

The best trading strategy? Don't do anything

In such an unstable market, any decision to sell or buy can be counterproductive, especially if moved by the intention of increasing our…

Why I'm excited about Bitcoin Cash

The market's focus has shifted significantly to Bitcoin Cash in the past few days, after a long period of investors looking elsewhere. It…

What do I expect from POB?

What I like most about Hive is that it offers the possibility for anyone to be able to create their own project and community, provide…

Are we in a bubble?

The bubble burst seems to be near, although this time I think it will be very different compared to the previous cycle of 4 years ago…

An awesome month for CUB Finance: LeoBridge, Kingdoms and CUBLIFE

An incredible month has ended for CUB and another even more important one is about to begin: LeoBridge and Kingdoms will soon see the…

Power Down Considerations

I have my own personal way of seeing things and therefore consider this post as my argument aloud, it is not referred to any user in…

Cardano Africa: First partnership with Etiopia

In the crypto world today there is really a lot of speculation: projects that are potentially very interesting, but to date have not yet…

What change will Hive make for success? Originality and Marketing

It is a good question that @themarkymark wrote in his post and whose answer is simple: users. The success of a project depends on the…

Music4Life launches the VFTLAB on Hive

Yesterday it was launched by MusicForLife's VFTLAB, a platform that is aesthetically very reminiscent of the decentralized exchange…

Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin

Why did Satoshi Nakamoto create Bitcoin and the blockchain? This question is fundamental because it must remind us of the primary…

Why I Am Here: An unexpected encounter

I entered here after the 2017 Bullrun, my entry took place in February 2019 and I was looking for a project that would allow me to obtain…

🚦🚦🚦 Bullish Market: Be careful! 🚦🚦🚦

Many enter the crypto world with a single purpose: to make money and make it fast. So they invest money simply by going to Coinmarketcap…

What bullish phase of the market are we in?

The bull run cycle began in November with the price of Bitcoin starting a devastating rise in price, thanks to the push of institutional…

Coinbase will be listed on the Nasdaq from April 14th

April 14 is an important date for the whole crypto world: Coinbase will officially enter the big world finance and will be listed on the…

Quick Updates On Whats Next

We have learned not to give ETA so as not to break illusions, but looking that we are a little quiet I will talk to you about what is…