DEX Loop Finance analysis after about 2 weeks from its launch

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Loop Finance's DEX has caught great attention on the Terra blockchain and beyond. Liquidity is growing fast as is TVL which currently exceeds $ 12 million, a very interesting result although the exchange is still in its beta phase.


A big incentive of 1 million LOOPs. the governance token of the DEX, has stimulated more and more users to provide liquidity from 7 to 21 October, using the pools present, which at the moment are 15 and all guarantee a high return of over 200%!


The pool that is collecting the most interest so far is the LOOP-UST pair with nearly $ 5.5 million in locked capital and over 2.5 million trading volume in the past 7 days. But the pool that is most in turmoil is LOOP-LOOPR which has generated over $ 3 million in volume and proportionately higher number of fees. Although the price of LOOPR at the moment is around 0.005 $ it is however evident that the attention towards the token is very high. At the moment there are no further details on its use but it is clear that such a low price will be a good memory in a while.

LOOP-LOOPR can certainly be an interesting pool and not to be underestimated. Also remember that whoever provides liquidity in this pool will be eligible for the LOOP airdrop, together with the LOOP-UST and LOOPR-UST couple.


At the moment the value of LOOP is looking for its stability, after only 10 days its value has fluctuated from $ 1 to $ 0.70 with a spike at $ 0.30 which has been recovered, however, a signal of sale by the users of the 'airdrop which, however, will be repentant at this time. LOOP is clearly in price discovery as it is a new coin but it is useful to remember similar projects such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap whose tokens currently have a value of $ 23 and $ 17 respectively, so the possibilities are certainly high.

Wormhole, the bridge between Terra, Solana, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon and IBC, the support for interchain assets such as Solana, Polkadot, and Cosmos - some of the biggest names in crypto will be implemented soon. that the DEX will host the exchanges of projects that have a high interest from investors and that they will certainly also be involved in exploiting the generous pools on Loop Finance! The team has already indicated that after the implementation of Wormhole and IBS, coins such as ETH, SOL, MATIC, BNB, CAKE, LINK, SUSHI, UNI, AKT, ATOM, RUNE, OSMO, SCRT, USDT and USDC.


By the end, the Loop Finance App will also be released, which will facilitate community users and investors in accessing the platform and the DEX, an essential smart tool for those who prefer to manage their portfolio in a few simple clicks.

While the release of the NFT marketplace is expected by Q1 2022, a market in full swing also on the Terra blockchain, as well as in the crypto world! Another great reason to keep LOOP and LOOPR. The times are really exciting!

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