Market in fibrillation waiting for the Presales of Chaos Legion

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The countdown has begun, about a week at the beginning of the Chaos Legion presale, currently limited to 1 million packs and VOUCHER tickets obtained daily from the airdrop, based on the SPS tokens locked in stakes.


Using a useful tool on the splintercards website, it is possible to calculate the number of VOUCHERS obtained daily and the total at the end of the airdrop. At the moment I have 5500 SPS and the calculator shows 1.7 VOUCHER / day for a total of 47 power amps. My goal is to reach 50 tickets and be able to buy 50 packages.

The price is 4 dollars each package but paying in SPS tokens you get a 10% discount on the price: 200 $ in total to which you have to apply 20 $ discount for paying in SPS. The difficulty will probably be buying the 3 Vouchers on the market, provided that the percentages do not vary based on the liquidity on the Splintershards token market.

The price analysis indicates an increasing value of the SPS token which today has almost reached $ 0.80 but it is very likely that its value will increase in the coming days, with the approach of the Presale. Everything has become extremely bullish here on Splinterlands, a trend that is not going to stop ahead of the launch of Lands, the game's expansion that will introduce a new experience for all players. The team has in fact confirmed that the SPS tokens will also have a primary role there. If you are thinking of seeing the tokens at the end of the airdrop, well think about it very carefully.

Another token that is performing very well is DEC for two substantial reasons: DEC constitutes points for the SPS airdrop in the proportion 1 DEC = 1 point for which users are accumulating the token to increase their daily SPS loot. Furthermore, it will be possible to buy Legion Chaos packs also through DEC, which will be burned and will significantly decrease the circulating supply, currently exceeding one billion.

DEC and SPS represent tremendous value to the world of Splinterlands and this will become increasingly evident as the game expands and new players enter. There will be an increasing need for DEC and SPS and it is my strategy to accumulate some over time. I am quite confident that it can grow in value over time and even reach $ 1 if the team's development pace remains that high.


Meanwhile, today I also received a nice rewards, the legendary card of the Water element DJINN OSHANNUS, card belonging to the new Legion Chaos edition, a precious card for my collection and that will surely help me win further battles!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post

If you have not yet signed up for Splinterlands, I invite you to try. You can use my referreal link

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Splinterlands earnings are changing live, it's been a crazy good ride for many thousands of people.

SPS just about reached $1 already!


Yay! 🤗
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Before I went to bed I saw SPS and DEC were making a run. Then when I woke up this morning I saw just how much of a run they had made in just the few hours I had been asleep. These are exciting times for Splinterlands players.


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Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121