RE: 10 Things That Will Be Gone By 2035

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The one I find most interesting is number 10, this is something that many are looking for with great eagerness.

Some go to the extreme of participating in rituals with the blood of young people, with the firm belief that they will have a little more life,

And that's just to cite one of hundreds of examples.

It will be interesting to see how science and technological advances can prolong life!

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There is no doubt the longevity movement is picking up steam. Where will it be in 2035? I have a feeling more advanced than today but still not to the point where everyone has life extension therapies. That said, we might see some being rolled out by them which could have some marginal impacts on adding years to lives. It will depend upon how much money is tossed into research during this decade. If the wealthy techno people start pouring in billions, we might see some advancement.

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I think if STEM cell therapy becomes routine healthcare, along with an actual healthy regiment of vitamins and supplements catered to one's specific physiology from birth we could see very significant increases in life extension right now.