Potential of earning from the content !

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It's really great to earn rewards while creating content !

At the same time, besides earning, there are many benefits from creating the content :

  • We improve our writing skills.
  • We learn all the time.
  • We find like-minded people.
  • We improve in many aspects.
  • We promote ourselves and grow.

I'm sure there are many content creators on the web who earn hundreds of dollars a day just by creating content, and I know a few of them. But how to reach at least $100 a day from creating content on the web. Of course there will be many ways to do that. But I would like to talk about what I know and what I'm aiming to.

I would like to start by hive where I create most of my content and where I'm investing the most. In hive, we have to stake some hive power to have some influence. At the same time we have to be active in the community by commenting and being in touch with others. Also, we have to provide as much value as we can to prove to the community that we are a useful member. And all that should always compliment each other. At the same time we have to learn about the changes on the blockchain and what's created on it. Because we never know what community, application or tribe will support us the most.

The second place where I create content is blurt. I share there my general content, and I'm staking there as well because I see the community there supportive and active. It's always interesting to compare between hive and blurt to understand the potential of each one of them. For now, I'm earning more on hive because I'm known here more, I'm active here the most, and I'm building on it for long enough. As well I like that our content in hive could be at the same time on an application, in a community and in a tribe. At the same time blurt have potential, and I'm glad to earn there at the same time.

There are as well tipping platforms like read.cash and noise.cash. Where the earning all is based on tipping. They have also an amazing bot that will reward the most active contributors as well. So, I earn a few bucks there every single day as well. There is also LBRY where I post some content there as well, but I'm not that active there, so I'm not earning anything.

So, imagine being active in all those platforms and doing your best to give value to people through your content. It's possible that way to build such audience that will reward you all the time. And you will be able to earn from any content you create, no matter how good is it or not, no matter how awesome is that. The audience always pay the good content creator.

Besides that you may use all the pictures taken and videos recorded to create some NFTs. I'm not doing that yet, but I see a big potential in that as well. So, the most content you will have to sell in form of NFT, the more chance you have to find a buyer.

I really see a lot of potential in creating content and if that will be organized enough, content creators may create a big wealth from that !

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Que buen aporte, nos animas a continuar he estado un poco activo, voy a empezar a programarme y continuar en esta plataforma, gracias por animarme, saludos desde Venezuela. Estaré realizando comentarios y crear post, para que la comunidad poco a poco me evalué mi trabajo.

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Sí, por supuesto. Cree sobre cualquier trabajo realizado en la cadena de bloques. ¡Siempre encontrarás personas que lo apreciarán!

Yeah, of course. Create about any work done on the blockchain. You will always find people who will appreciate that !


It can be a tough gig earning from your content creation so you are quite right to point out the other reasons for creating and posting content. I do it first and foremost because I like writing and engaging with others on topics I enjoy and view the payments as a welcome side benefit. Best of luck to you.


Yeah, if that's the priority for you, you will enjoy it for sure !


So many places, so little time... I need to clone my hands to write more I think. 😂

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Yeah you are damn right about this,you importance to the community and how you relate with people even despite not seeing them matters alot in earning much dollars.thats the beauty of hive.but for you I will say that you are such a laborious type engaging in different Blockchain and different community.


Yeah, that's a collection of hard work in different communities. The more we give, the more we get !




Thanks for pointing out Blurt, will definitely try it out!


That's cool. You can use the same keys you had in steem if you were there. But I prefer to change them if you worry about your steem account. Especially if you didn't change it for hive. I advise you to change it in hive as well. Who knows who will be the bad guy to use the situation against us. I have unique keys for each blockchain I post in.


Can you lend me 1.5 $BLURT for posting? Cannot wait until the power-down finishes there. The username is the same @valerianis.

Thanks, yes, I already changed the keys everywhere.