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It’s a digital currency much like we have now with credit cards in the fiat world except it gives them far more control than they’ve ever had up to this point.

They will set up a few classification systems. One will be social credit. One will be “carbon” credit. One will be allowances. One will be medical history.
Your purchases will be made against these classification systems.
If you say something the bureaucrats don’t like on social media, which is linked to your drivers license and real life identity with their plans in mind, you will be penalized in numerous ways. You won’t be able to buy groceries or other key items as punishment for your “bad thoughts”.
There could also be one that prevents you from buying something that you’d like but don’t need such as alcohol. If you step out of line then your alcohol purchase would be denied because it’s not essential to your existence.
If you don’t get the latest vaccine that they tell you that you need to get, for the latest lab-created disease they release onto the world, you will be shut off from your money until you get it. “For your safety” is how they word it but it is not the least bit about safety with any of it.
You are given a monthly amount of money and you are required to spend it. If you don’t spend it all this month next month you will get less as a punishment. This means you won’t save any money and will stay as a poor slave to their system.

All of these situations and far more worse ones WILL happen if we allow these abominations that are CBDC’s to occur. It is the single biggest danger and threat in human history ever. There is unlimited possibilities of what they want to enslave us with and the politicians and rich people will be completely exempt from all of it.

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