RE: Splinterlands DEC $1 Peg is Fascinating

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There's so much going on with Splinterlands it's wild to think that it's just a bunch of smart regular dudes that started this all. I like that they let things just even out on their own and weeks or months later look at the situation and make changes so that DEC isn't getting harvested as badly as it is. It makes good improvements and then brings balance. Imagine, as you say, bigger institutions doing stuff like that? I think the only reason they go crazy is because of paper hands investors bitching and moaning at them. Have a set of balls will ya!

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Im a investor in SPL stock ive never bitched or moaned bc how could i my investment was paid back and i own the stock made 40K on cards then bought 20K back and a few nodes i literally can sleep and make enought to liver just with this game

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Well that’s good! There’s certainly a lot of people who are making a living off Splinterlands which I find awesome.