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In one of my last posts, I stated that I have Started SIP in Bitcoin, and it's been 1 week that is 7 days since I have been daily investing in it Rs 100 or approximately $1. I feel the price of Bitcoin is at its lowest and can go down but most will stay at this level.

I remember that when Bitcoin touched $50K everyone was thinking that why they have not bought Bitcoin when it was just $20K. Now even though people are not buying now thinking that Bitcoin is costly and can drop further. If Bitcoin goes to $100K, the same people will talk about not buying Bitcoin at $50K. I was that person when Bitcoin went to ATH of $69K, who thought about not buying Bitcoin when it was $3K. So this time around I am not doing that mistake and have started buying the Bitcoin every day so that even if goes down now I will be buying it regularly. And if goes up I will be on profit.

I know fear is at its peak now and people are thinking that buying now is not a good option, but again I think starting a SIP now is the best time because then you are actually buying it as a Dollar Cost Averaging way. Anything can happen in the market a positive news can take BTC again to $30K or it can come down to $10K too, but again whatever is the case we should have some money to buy at the bottom and since we do not know the bottom it's better to buy at regular intervals.


For me, it's not a big profit, but I am at 0.67% profit after investing for the last 7 days as the price of the Bitcoin is at the same point where I started 7 days back. Next, I will check after 30 days what is the status. It is not that I do not have any BTC in my portfolio, but I never started the SIP in bitcoin, so with this, I have started using the Bitdroplet to invest a small amount of my FIAT money in the Bitcoin and see my overall portfolio gain when the Bull returns.

If you want to Start the SIP in Bitcoin then you can use my Referral of BitDroplet.

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Nice article, it's also great as you invest in Bitcoin try other tokens too that got good relationship with btc.


I know fear is at its peak now and people are thinking that buying now is not a good option,

Life is a risk you know 😅

Many successful people today took a huge risk that later favored them while to some, it was a disfavor to them.

I love your move about BTC but then, plz invest with your spare money Coding 😇, I know you got my aim of this statement 💪
Even if I have enough capital now, I too will invest....its a great step friend 👍🥰