Why Good Health Insurance is Must

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We were having a discussion with some colleagues and they said that they do not have any health insurance and everything is from the employer itself. I asked them if the hospital bill was more and if the employer health insurance did not suffice that amount, but they did not answer. This is the problem many faces in India. And this is the reason why having Health Insurance is a must for us as well as for our dependents.

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Many feel paying for Insurance is a waste of money but again when it is required then the insurance is what is required because it can save you a lot of money. I too have some health insurance other than my employers but again the amount is not that high and thus I am also trying to increase my health insurance money. What I feel is that when we need the money for health bills it can go too high but if there is insurance then it's good for us to manage that.

Any Insurance is good for us be it Term Insurance, Health Insurance, or Car/Bike Insurance so that it is better when it is needed to us. But basically, health insurance is a must because Hospital bills are very high sometimes and when you have some rare diseases then it can go very high. I have seen people giving away all their savings all because of the hospital bills which they have incurred. This is bad also the inflation in medical expenses is huge as compared to other places.

I have some insurance as well I am also trying to get one more so that when needed it will be used.

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