Why Medium Writers Should Start Using Hive

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I was going through some of the posts on Medium and found out that there are quite a few good writers writing on the platform but they are earning peanuts. To give you a context, Medium is one of the online publishing platforms where anyone can publish articles. People who don't have clue to start their own blog, start with Medium to connect to the readers.

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To earn money on Medium, you have to have 100 followers which are quite easy to get. People follow each other and get that follower count quite easily. I got more than 200 followers in less than a month just by commenting on others' posts i.e. networking. The next one is that you have to set up the payment in Stripe which means the countries where Stripe does not operate they cannot earn from Medium.

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This is a drawback for a lot of people in many countries. India is home to so many great writers but still, they cannot write on Medium and earn money. This is one of the major setbacks for people in many countries.

Why Medium Writers Should Start Using Hive

  1. Hive is a decentralized social network where content creators can create any content and get rewarded.
  2. On Hive even if one person readers your content, you can get awarded by upvotes whereas that is not the case with Medium.
  3. On Hive you do not have to have 100 followers to start earning.
  4. On Hive you do not have to reside in any particular country to start earning.
  5. On Hive people will surely earn more than double what they are earning in Medium.
  6. On Hive you will be paid 7 days after writing your articles whereas on Medium you will be paid monthly.
  7. Hive is much more than just blogging where you not only earn from blogging but you can earn passively by staking, by playing games, by writing short-form content or even by engaging.

So Medium writers should start using Hive to earn real money and that too in the form of cryptocurrency. You do not have to pay anything to read which is not the case with Medium.

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I think many writers could benefit from moving to Hive.

At the same time, however, I believe that Hive should currently be seen as an excellent investment, both in terms of time and money; the fruits will reap in the future and currently it is not easy to live only on Hive, unless you have made large investments initially or do not have a large capital to start with now.

Precisely for this reason we must work to accumulate and hold and wait for the future to become golden heh heh!