Curation ratio makes broadhive a good opportunity

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Broadhive is a new generic community on hive. It is just two months old community. Recently it attracted the attention due to consecutive rise in prices by 100% daily. The tokens are priced very cheap and are traded at 0.02 hive per BHT token.


These are early days of the community and the tag is now being used by some of the regular contributors on hive like @regenerette @bitcoinflood @finguru @chireerocks.bht and @anadolu.
Though the activity is yet picking up here the curation ratio makes it attractive investment. Lets look at some numbers here.
If you have 1000 #hive powered up then your vote value is 0.0177. Which means when you have 1000 hive power each vote will return you 50% of $0.0177 after 7 days if you vote at 100%.
If you have 1000 #proofofbrain tokens then your vote value will be close to 1.97 POB, which means the curation ratio is close to 0.00197.
But if you have 1000 #bht tokens then your vote has value of above 5 BHT. This means you are having a curation ratio of 0.005. Which is of-course on a very higher side.
This aspect of the tokenomics is very interesting for the investors and as more investors buy these tokens it would see a lot more activity and the curation ratio would start falling down. This ratio never remains permanent. So guys before the prices increase or curation ratio starts falling down, its a good idea to power up some tokens.
@broadhive-org @broadhive.qct @broadhive.curate @broadhive.pool, I am looking to create more engagement on this platform and would appreciate if the community owner comes forward and start engaging here.