Crypto News of the day : Poloniex will charge for not withdrawing funds if you are a US customer

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📝 Circle will charge fees if Poloniex US users don’t withdraw funds soon

Circle has said that if Poloniex’s U.S. customers don’t withdraw funds from its platform, they will be subject to fees.

These fees include a monthly service fee while a user continues to have assets stored on the platform, and a one-time dormancy fee when an account becomes dormant.

Poloniex U.S. customers, therefore, must withdraw their funds before Dec. 16. has also been renamed to Poloni DEX after the transfer of ownership for Poloniex exchanges.

📚 Binance will add support for Tezos staking at zero fee

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is adding support for tezos (XTZ) token staking, starting Dec. 4.

Contrary to other exchanges offering similar service, Binance said it will not charge any fee for the staking service.

Binance will start distributing XTZ staking rewards on Jan. 20 and post that, before the 20th day of each following month.

😨 Android Exploit Could Grab Wallet and Banking Data

A newly discovered Malware, called StrandHogg, could allow hackers access to private data on almost any Android phone.

The exploit interrupts the flow of an app from launch to welcome screen and forces a user to give permissions to the malware before letting the legitimate app run.

Google Play Protect has said it removed known affected apps and is investigating its ability to protect users from future similar exploits.

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