DeFi Projects Are Being Primed

Even though prices are slumping as of the last few weeks in crypto we are still holding steady at the levels I thought we would of 35k…

The Financial World Does Not Know What Is Going To Hit Them

How long does it take before people to realize a tsunami is brewing? The water is stirring long before the waves are causing catastrophic…

Introducing CUB Staking Kingdom | Autonomous BNB Rewards and Autocompounding

It's time to unveil the bread and butter of this Kingdoms migration. The CUB Staking Kingdom is now live! Many have stuck with Cub…

Bitcoin Testing the Top of the Range

If you had not noticed, bitcoin has been ranged bound for nearly a month now. That range is bascially 30k to 41K, give or take a few…

DAOs: The Future Of Work

Technology has, historically, served to replace human labor. Throughout the last few hundred years, we saw the practice of manual labor…

Just When I though Bitcoin Would Never Be Upgraded

This came out of left field for me so I expect it's news to many of you. Bitcoin blockchain actually just got an upgrade. After four years…

Which is the best indicator for technical analysis?!?! (Series 12: Bee_A_Trader)

No indicator is the best indicator Let me explain that to you. Every Indicator that we have is itself based on price and…

How-to Hodl Like a Pro (with Nexo)

Introduction Bull Market or Bear Market, the goal is the same. Invest, earn, increase our position and possibly have a shot at an…

Introducing CUB Kingdoms | Cross-Platform Autocompounding Yield Vaults

Cub started out as a fork of the popular GooseDeFi project on the Binance Smart Chain. Goose was one of the first yield applications to…

Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade

So apparently the Bitcoin network (miners) are signaling with overwhelming support that they are going to allow the "Taproot" update to go…

CUB: Ditching the Simplistic Tokenomics

DeFi is a game that's all about gripping inflation. Whilst supply-capped coins such as BTC strive for providing useful use-cases for the…

Two Steps for Making Investment Decisions

In my experience there are basically just two steps that should guide and define all your investment and trade decisions. I have talked…

Crypto And The Age Of Aquarius

Most of us heard of the different astrological signs and the Precession of the Equinox. Who among us hadn't checked our horoscopes from…

How To Get Your Cake (Pancake - Syrup) and Bread New CUB

Kingdoms are here and with it a huge transition of CubDeFi to moving all Dens and Farms over to the new Kingdoms Format. *The…

Got all 4 NFT collection smart contracts launched on their perspective ...

Got all 4 NFT collection smart contracts launched on their perspective mainnet blockchains! Getting ready for full launch on Monday! #ETH…

Kingdoms Soft Launch, New Tokenomics & New UI | CUB x LeoFinance AMA in 12 Hours

We started doing weekly AMAs each Friday at 12 PM (Noon) EST. In about 12 hours, we'll host our next AMA and share some news about all of…

Augur Turbo | The Future Model Of The Sports Betting Industry ?

Ever since I read the article Bitcoins, Blockchains and the next stage of online betting back in May 20

Billionaire Stan Druckenmiller skeptical of ETH, shares opinion on DOGE

It’s not every day that the investment fund manager who handled the investment account of George Soros publicly acknowledges Bitcoin or…

This is What Stable Coin Defi Was Made For...

Good Bloody Morning Everyone, First of all.. WTF. Now that I have that out of the way, if you didn't f

Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful...

As ole Warren B says, 'Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful." That says it pretty plain and si