Made An Entry on ETH/BTC Pair! Alt Season Soon?

3 months ago
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Was taking a look at the charts this morning and couldn’t help but to see this... ETH/BTC pair is oversold on just about every timeframe from the daily down.

Then went and took a look at the BTC.D which is the Bitcoin dominance chart and it is super overbought!


So do you think we are going to have an alt season soon? I am at least making a bet on ETH for sure.

Using Blockfi, so I can earn interest while I am in the trade, I made a purchase of 1 ETH and waiting on the oversold bounce!

Guess I am back into the trading game. Lol. Had a successful LTC trade this week on Robinhood as well this week, but putting my trading focus into the Blockfi account so that I am making passive income while my I wait! All of the interest is set to pay out in Bitcoin!

Anyway, I will be keeping an eye on this trade and the markets during the holiday!

Happy holidays from Coin Logic!

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